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Question Re: Open Source and Mutual Aid

Dear Dr. George Neeson,

I am puzzled as to why you would choose to characterize my encouragement for professionals to engage in charity work as a “serious attack against the moral character of healing professionals”.

I am not disputing that most professionals are underpaid. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that most psychotherapists are underpaid, as you so strongly assert and have gone to great pains to highlight. Albert Schweitzer may agree with you. What I am suggesting, is simply that those who ARE paid, “above the norm” fees, ALSO engage in charitable works.

Schweitzer was underpaid by choice. Do you perceive Schweitzer to be a “serious attack against the moral character of healing professionals”, when one suggests that those who charge $200.00 plus dollars per hour give a few hours a week of their valuable time to charitable causes?

If you have concerns in this realm, then maybe you would choose to share why you feel that way, or clarify your meaning in the above...

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