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Question Re: Open Source and Mutual Aid

Lil'Pon, whoever you really are, I am surprised to read your serious attack against the moral character of healing professionals. First I am not aware of competent therapists who receive "$200.00 plus dollars an hour". For myself I receive considerably less than this amount for an hour of my work, so let me correct a serious misapprehension on your part if you are concerned about truth. I am a fully licenced medical doctor and meet all my licencing bodies requirements to work as a psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada. My medical training cost many thousands of dollars and my therapy training has been likewise expensive. That is just an aside. I know a number of therapists over the years and I can assure you they are generally giving people. Most of us would consider it intolerable to turn the disadvantaged away. Wise and humble people usually have the good wisdom to not advertise their good works of that nature.

My real concern is that there exists in you a possible unresolved issue that you would benefit by resolving if you wish to be effective in clinical psychology. If you approach this work with a "self righteous attitude", you could be at risk to harm the vulnerable.
George Neeson M.D.

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