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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

TJ: . . . yes, I feel that they [Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Milošević, etc.] are not morally responsible, and should still be punished/deterred.
Thanks Tom. That, better than anything else, I think, captures the difference of how you and I see things. Unlike you, I’m convinced that such criminals are morally responsible and that that is the reason that they should be punished.

Nevertheless, while I may find your view—that such criminals are not “morally responsible”—somewhat repugnant, I have to admit that your acknowledgement has an intellectual honesty and consistency with your atheism that I didn’t quite expect—most atheists lack the intellectual rigor to recognize that there can’t really be any “moral responsibility” in a pitiless, indifferent universe of electrons, selfish genes, blind physical forces, and genetic replication; and/or simply lack the intellectual honesty or balls to acknowledge such harsh implications.

Bravo Tom. The other “atheists” posting here are pussies compared to you. FWIW, my respect for you has just increased a bit. And if I ever revert back to being an atheist (I was one until my middle twenties), I hope I’ll have the intellectual balls that you’ve shown here.
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