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Default Re: Depression Discussion

And now talking about depression... I always liked the very simple idea in Gestalt therapy, which I know Sylvia Crocker has also advocated in our discussions, to experiment with turning nouns into verbs....Fromm's "To have and to be"... so that instead of "having" depression I notice how am I might I depress my self....what am I might I depress another...

This is not to take away the other phenomena which are part of this experience that we call for example, the above experiment can easily become unknowingly one of victim blaming....of not allowing for the wider field.... such as post natal depression, bi polar I, and the plight of third generation unemployed, to name a few domains where the organism/environment field is clearly a mix of forces at play and not simply the "individualistic" self responsibility of the Gestalt Prayer....

once again I believe there is a dance between the two...matter and field, self and other, to do justice to any phenomenon in an organism/environemnt field

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