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It sounds like something I possibily would have said, but I am at a loss to place it within the specific publication I wrote. Can you give me another hint? It is probably not a quote from elsewhere - I think I would recall and cherish that one if another person said it.

Still, many have said the equivalent idea like: T. Leary, J. Mishloveand, H. Machurana, A. Watts, G. Bateson, etc., and pretty much all of us who've written about metaphor extensively (Lankton, Gordon, Banito, Sontag, Burns, Cambell, Mills, Freedman/Combs, Kopp, etc., etc.), all the constructivists, and narrative-oriented therapist, and maybe even Korzybski.
I wish I could help you more. But, supply me with more hints and I'll try again.

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