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Default Re: back to the future . .

I said in a previous post,
Wilson's ladder seems to set up a straw-man - social engineering. As if the failure to train any particular child to become an engineeer or a musician or an astronaut proves hereditary determininism. I believe children only teach themselves to be those things and that they have an immense amount of energy to spend on that - but only when that identity image is also their own self-image - and when they are motivated. Not when society tells them what to do with their minds and their lives.
This opens up other questions:

What causes a child to adopt a particular identity-image (or parts of an identity image) and pursue it over the years? I was certain that I would become a cowgirl - after attending a particular Saturday afternoon movie when I was about eight. My bicycle was my trusty horse for weeks after that. Of course, I didn't, literally become a cowgirl. But I'll bet I did internalize some of the independence and Western toughness that I saw in that gal on the screen.

What causes some children to attach themselves to their identity image with all their energy - and others to not really care that much? Are those environrmental or inherited factors? Do we inherit genes for copying behavior that make some of us really go for it and others not willing to put out that much energy? Or, do we all pretty much start as strong copiers but a crappy environment eventually takes the spirit out of some of us?

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