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Default Re: Two Cousins: Francis Galton Site

Originally Posted by Margaret McGhee
I'm still hoping to see some reasonable comments on this topic appear on my screen.
I just don't think this is a subject yet that we can objectively discuss; we don't have enough facts. You can say that most people can be anything and point to some examples of white basketball players and black PhDs, others would call them expected outlyers. They would point out distributions of test scores and NBA players and you would say culture and environment. I would say it's a mixture of genes and environment. But only one side can be discussed without getting into PC trouble, maybe that's where Jim's sensitivity comes from.

But here goes, please keep your yelling to a minimum: I look for mechanisms for perceived differences; you found culture for your POV. For Jim's POV, I see differing environments based on geology; the closer to the poles a race evolved, the more planning was necessary for survival through the winter. Shelter had to be built and food had to be stored (and you can't play basketball while huddled in your igloo). Closer to the equator, there were at least these fewer pressures. Plus, if women can sustain themselves, they're more apt to breed better dancers than better savers.

So, I guess I'm saying that there is a possible mechanism for both POVs. Plus, we can't perform experiments on humans. The jury's still out and may be forever. But your POV seems more all-or-nothing than Jim's.
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