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Red face Pre-discuss or just let it role?

Yes. I know you cannot comment on specific cases. Nonetheless, in a recent session, my mind was about to take us to a place I was not ready to go. (I was hyperventilating in session and visually and physically petrified to move down the road to that "place" I was viewing in session. And I could barely walk when I left to go home.) I can identify this "place" (it wasn't a "repressed memory"). But I'm wondering if you could comment, in your general "non-specific case" way. I've considered discussing the "place" my mind wanted to take me without using the bilateral stimulation, just to discuss the discomfort I'm going to have going into this "place" when I actually do "go there" using bilateral stimulation. However, I wonder could it be more effective in dealing with this "place" by not discussing it before hand with my therapist and instead just letting my mind take me in "fully exposed"? I wonder if a pre-discussion would desensitize me and any "lessons" I may learn would not have as much lasting impact.

thank you

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