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Default Re: Battle Against Scientific Illiteracy

Originally Posted by Fred
I’ve explained that natural selection is essentially a circular notion, similar to “emergence,” that lacks the predictive power, understanding, and convincing coherence of a good physical science theory, say like gravity.
You have stated all these things as fact without acknowledging the fundamental differences between evolutionary biology and astrophysics (which I have explained a number of times before and won't repeat). You say that selection is a circular notion, similar to emergence, and yet selection can be quantified and studied mathematically, which you also refuse to acknowledge. You have not 1) offered even a slight hint as to what might be a better explanatory framework for biological evolution, or 2) confronted the vast, long-standing literature that overwhelming suggests the opposite of what you claim, (this research has been collated into books accessible to laymen . . . I've pointed them out, but you won't read them).

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