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Default Addendum

Please allow me be more specific about my confusion. I've noticed:

- Zeig's "A Teaching seminar with Milton H Erickson"

- Four volumes edited by Rossi and Ryan (and Sharp for Volume 1): "Healing in Hypnosis" (v1), "Life Reframing in Hypnosis" (v2), "Mind-body Communication in Hypnosis" (v3), and "Creative Choice in Hypnosis" (v4).

Volumes 2 through 4 appear to be available.

Amazon does list the title of the first volume, "Healing in Hypnosis," but the date of publication is 1992, as opposed to 1983 for the original, and Erickson is listed as the author, with no mention made of any editor(s). I was wondering if this is indeed a reprint of the original first volume, or perhaps a combined edition containing all four volumes. It's quite a bit more expensive than the other three.

- In "The Induction of Hypnosis," William Edmonston quotes from yet another book of seminars. Erickson is one of three authors listed. Seymour Hershman is another, I can't remember the third.
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