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Default Re: Intelligent Design and Why Not

Fred, you said,

And so I’m left wondering if Allen actually intended to make a movie that surreptitiously exposes how atheism and belief in chance (and/or the belief that free will is an illusion) results in such moral blindness,
I am an atheist and I believe that free will is an illusion. Are you suggesting that I am therefore morally blind?

If so, don't you you think that's a pretty outrageous thing to say (or believe)?

Wouldn't that be the same as me asserting that by far the greatest number of murders of innocent people in the history of civilization has been at the hands of those who fervently believe in some moral God or other - and decide they need to kill all those who don't? And therefore those who believe in some moral God support the murders of innocent children?

Please be more careful with your words and your beliefs.

Aside from that, I would like to see you make the case for the assertion that " . . atheism and belief in chance (and/or the belief that free will is an illusion) (can often) result in moral blindness".

I'd be happy to make a case for how strong personal beliefs can often result in moral blindness if you like.


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