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Default Re: how much concern should a client show for a therapist?

I really am not in a position to comment further. I am not in a professional relationship with you and don't know your personal details. There are many potential outcomes/goals in the counselling relationship. These would normally be set by the counsellor and client working together. Exploriing these changing goals should be part of any therapeutic relationship.

Always bear in mind that you are the focus of the therapeutic process. The counsellor's private life is (probably) not relevant to the course of counselling you are engaged in. If there are aspects of the counsellor's life she wants you to be aware of, she will disclose. Otherwise, she will not consider such content to be appropriate or suitable. Remember, you don't "officially" know about her life. You only saw a notice in the paper. It could even be associated with another person having the same name as your therapist. It happens!

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