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Default Re: how much concern should a client show for a therapist?

Keep in mind that your therapist is in a professional relationship with you and you're progress is her top priority. Disclosing to her that you are aware of her personal life may hamper her ability to serve you well. Counsellors tend to practice "affective neutrality" when acting within their professional role. Counsellors also maintain a consistent standard concerning personal disclosure. If she hasn't brought it up, clearly she feels it is not relevant to her work with clients nor appropriate information to introduce into the therapeutic relationship. Anyway, it may not be a tradegy to her. Perhaps she had ended a relationship that was not meeting her needs.

A better question is whether your knowlege of her private life poisons the therapeutic environment for you. You'll have to make that determination for yourself. I would tend to ignore this new information and carry on as before, but that's me, not you.

I hope this helps.


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