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Default Re: Intelligent Design and Why Not

AK: Yes. At any one moment in time... A thing is identical to itself.
1 + 1 = 2. Using algebra we subtract 1 from each side and get: 1 = 1. I’d not consider this a “thing identical to itself.” You may equal yourself, but I doubt your clone and you would ever be truly, completely, objectively equal. Best I can tell, your sympathies lie with the social constructivism POV.

So I’ll finish with this: There are infinitely many prime numbers—this is a reality and a timeless objective truth—it was true when Euclid discovered it; it’s true today; and it was true before conscious beings evolved. I’d say the evidence is overwhelming that there is indeed a separate world of timeless and objective mathematical truth (and beauty?) that we are able to consciously access and comprehend. (But there’s currently no evidence indicating that there are infinite and/or alternative universes.) You get the last word, and enjoy LeDoux’s book.
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