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Default Re: Intelligent Design and Why Not

AK: Does seven exist?
If 7 = 7, or 1 = 1, isn’t real and true, what then can ever possibly be true?

But here’s the rub: While 1 = 1 is timelessly and objectively true, “1 thing = 1 thing,” in our physical world, probably isn’t since “things” never seem to be truly identical in our physical world. Plus, best I can tell, “1,” in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily seem to exist in our physical world.

Nevertheless, “1 = 1” is a timeless and objective truth that we all seem to have access to, and that existed b/f there were evolved creatures with subjective mental constructs and definitions.

Should anyone unable or unwilling to acknowledge the reality and objective truth of 1 = 1 ever be taken very seriously? I’d say no, but maybe that’s just me.
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