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Default Evolved Response to Darth Vader


Since the new Star Wars film is coming out, and it's on people's minds, I thought it might be interesting to discuss the ways in which Darth Vader, or other famous characters are produced to gain a response from our evolved mindset.

E.g. the way that his mask vaguely resembles a skull probably relates to the instinctual avoiding of disease ridden dead bodies. Also, his height, build, and deep voice all evoke a slight degree of fear, for obvious evolutionary reasons. I doubt he would be quite so intimidating if he was four feet tall and as skinny as a rake.

But what about his pitch black colour? I don't think this really relates to him being evil so much, as many good guys wear black in a lot of films. However, it seems to be pretty much universal that tough characters wear black (and not pink or fluorescent yellow). Is there an evolutionary reason for this? Maybe it relates to some other aspects of his character. I mean, if Vader were bright red or green, he would look ridiculous. Maybe the fact that he is entirely clad in one colour also has some evolutionary relevance?

Anyone else have any observations on Vader or any other famous movie characters, and how they relate to our evolved responses?

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