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Default Welcome to the forum on Neuropsychology in the 21st Century

I invite you to join this discussion on contemporary neuropsychology facilitated by Elkhonon Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg is internationally renowned for his clinical work, research, writings and teaching in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience. His areas of expertise include executive deficit, memory disorders, attention deficit disorder, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and others. Dr. Goldberg was a student and close associate of the great neuropsychologist Alexander Luria.

Follow these links for more information about Dr. Goldberg and his accomplishments:
Dr. Goldberg's website
Dr. Goldberg's bio at Behavior OnLine

Before reading further or posting on this forum, please read the Behavior Online Disclaimer and Forum Policy.

This discussion is open only to qualified professionals and students preparing for a professional role. Please do not post advertisements for events or links to other websites unless you are responding to a specific question.

The discussion begins with my interview with Dr. Goldberg. You may join in the discussion at any time by clicking on the "Post Reply" button.

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