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Default Re: Imaginal Nurturing

Hi April,

Yes I am quite familiar with some of the concepts of IN and have the first IN CD, in formats for both genders. I frequently have recommended the CD to clients for use at home, and try to incorporate IN-type imagery into EMDR sessions though I am using mostly the usual EMDR protocol - I really think that incorporating nurturance into it is important, however.

In consulting with a colleague who has taken the workshop with you, she said from what she recalled there are no particular protocols for using IN differently with clients who are highly dissociative.

I am wondering if this is the case or if her memory was simply flawed - sometimes it's hard to absorb all of the information in a workshop. I have looked at her manual but have not had time to go through it in its entirety and would be interested in knowing this before purchasing the manual as much of my caseload does tend to be clients with very severe trauma, who are often highly dissociative.

Take care,

Carol Ann
Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW
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