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Default Re: Imaginal Nurturing


I am wondering - and maybe this is a dumb question but I can not figure this out (and to be clear, I have not done the IN workshop though I would like to - I missed it when it was happening locally) - if you are using Imaginal Nurturing with a highly dissociative client, and they are visualizing the child self being nurtured...I find that some DID clients have difficulty in doing this without switching back and forth - they can't feel the receiving and the giving at the same time.

Are there any specific protocols for using IN with highly dissociative clients? In terms of dealing with switching during it (I assume you just go with whatever comes up), or when multiple child parts are involved in the same event - does each part need to process separately? I am assuming so but find it confusing in trying to understand.

Sorry if this is confusing - I feel like I'm not being very articulate
Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW
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