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Default Re: Imaginal Nurturing

Thank you for expanding on your comments. I found them helpful, and I'd be interested in seeing the changes in your training since I took it several years ago.

Also, to be clear, I don't care that you call me Sandra, April. I only commented because I'd been contacted backchannel by a lay reader who was concerned about "dispute and conflict and disrespect," and since this has been an issue before on this column when two professionals get in a pointy debate and the public is watching, I thought I'd clarify for the public. It IS quite a different forum than the EMDR list, which is all professionals without the public watching.

So thanks again to Ms Steele for her comments here. We've been discussing various ways to help people recover from early attachment injuries, and we agree that this is one of the thorniest and most rewarding areas to address in therapy, and that EMDR can be beneficial.
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