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Question Defining Moments

I think I need to do some work on clearly defining Adler's concepts so I thought I might as well start a thread in this regard. I am hoping I do not stand alone with this confusion.
Today's question is to clarify what Adler meant by neurosis. I know it is a deviation from social interest and it involves the neglect or deferral of at least one life task with a supplied and created "excuse" away from common sense. I am sure he defines it more clearly somewhere but in reading the CCWAA, I have yet to find his own definition. I am sure it differs from Freud's, but how?
Add to this the very blurry boundry between neurosis and psychosis and I find my own thinking gets pretty muddy. As far as I can see, in Adler's thought, psychosis is a further deviation from common sense and it usually involves failure to address several or even all of the life tasks with social interest.
Can anyone more clearly define these words from Adler's own writing or at least give me a better grip on them.
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