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Default Re: dissociative states, how to get back out

Thank you for your reply Sandra. I will check out your new book. The problem with knowing too much for me is that one of my ego states tries to stay ahead of my therapist and anticipates which way he is going so she can sabotage things. I just don't have the control tht I need at this time. I don't know how to get my younger ego states to agree to get "tucked in bed", (they just do what they want to do), and I don't know how to get older ones to stay with them. It is all confusing to me and makes me feel so sad.

I realize that this is beyond the scope of this forum and I need to work with my therapist. I just needed some encouragement. thank you for your advice and your gentle reply. I will look for your book on Amazon. There is a link there where you can allow a preview of a few pages if your are interested in offering that option to people interested in purchasing your book.
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