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Default Basis for pots and cars?

Dr. Anderson also tinkers with the "why" in regard to cars and pots for guy and girl vervets.

An odd similarity: I sell multiple copies of very few pictures and all of them to women. The common element is that of a brighter center within a darker frame: that is, a dawn river framed by a black arch of the bridge across it. Another example: a shot of a stall door seen through a tunnel of two farm walls and the roof that connects them.

Females veer towards brighter objects? Perhaps a preference from Devonian eras when food may have been easier to locate near the water's surface.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend not only because they are costly but because they sparkle?

The force at a distance factor may bias the male preference for cars...

Mildly annoyed on this end because I can usually make up a story.

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