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Default Re: Red vs. blue explained by white birth rate & Darwinian rational

Oh Todd, you’re no stooge . . . and, I suppose that Lizzie did make some amazing points—here’re a few of her better ones:

“Despite the credentials listed throughout, [Flew, is/was] not much of a scholar/ thinker/ philosopher.”

“The essential processes of natural selection . . . should be condemned,” [and this Lizzie believe while she also believes that the] “seeds of virtue originate because it is to the genetic advantage [i.e. natural selection] of social groups to ultimately stay coherent and get along.”

“Massachusetts, which gets portrayed as having no morals, has nearly twice the number stable marriages of Texas.”
Yes Todd, I see my recalcitrance—the “stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance”—and now I feel Maxwell's Silver Hammer coming down upon my head. (Guess I thought that if anyone were recalcitrant, it’d be y’all atheists ignoring the authority/guidance of an ex-atheist of Flew’s stature—silly me.)
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