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Default problems with processing

Recently I used EMDR with a patient with PTSD, type I. He was attacked very brutally by two people who tought he was someone else. Resulting in PTSD with a lot of loss (agoraphobia, sickness leaf, lost his work )
Patient showed a rather aspecific reaction I never met in the 15 years that I'm working with EMDR. After 1 set of eye movements he saw a white light, after three sets of eye movements his SUDs was reduced from 7 to 1. He was nog longer capable to retrieve the target image and felt very relaxed. After the session he felt rather relaxed but afther 3 days he was more anxious and agitated than before and he entered a mental hospital, wich he left after 1 week. The second session, 4 weeks after the first emdr session, we met again. We talked about the emdr and I checked with him the target image. The image was as clear as the first time and suds was now 8. When I started EMDR again, we had the same process as the first time (white light, incapable of retrieving the image, suds 1 after a total of 3 Sets)
Anyone with a similar experience: such a rapid reaction and desensitization in the session but no lasting effect outside the therapy room?
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