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Default PTSD from near death experience

Is is possible to get PTSD from a near death experience that you caused yourself ie drug overdose? My therapist and I have realized we were looking at the wrong target for EMDR processing because nothing significant happened during my last session and we plan to target this experience on Thursday...I'm a little more hopeful because in retrospect I can clearly see that the majority of my most recent symptoms and their onset began after this terrifying incident. Just bringing it up, I began crying in his office not really conciously realizing how much this experience affected me. There were other traumas that preceeded this one but I can't seem to have an emotional response to them but this one came clear with bodily reactions, fear and everything. Would it seem that this would be a clear target to focus on? I've been praying for the right help and hope I've finally found something to work with, this last year and half of my life has been an absolute nightmare. I've been off of drugs for over a year and was fearful that I may have caused brain damage ( I used meth) but I had a SPECT scan of my brain and they said it looked relatively healthy, they didn't see any damage from my drug use ( I didn't use that long). Thanks for any replies.
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