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Default Ob-L Betrayed?

Twenty-four special ops guys did a very good thing. Now we can tell stories.
First, psychology students can watch a movie and remember a red head driving a convertible. They are indignant when re-viewing the film and learning that she was never there. We have found this effect in courtrooms and now in stories about Ob-L’s death – armed or not, hiding or not behind a skirt, threatening or surrendering, and so on.

The news moves now to the evaluation of the intentions that guided the living. For example, a SEAL telephoned Rush and speculated that BO was “told”: “We have Ob-L and you act now or lose the election later.” BO slept on it and chose to sacrifice some his religion but to get some poll numbers.

There are plenty of other stories that might be told. For example, gossip is that Ob-L was the “spiritual head” for al-Qaeda; operations were managed by other people.

Imagine a leader who only communicates by courier and is too hot a target to use a telephone. Imagine the time needed for al-Q #2 or #3 to make a decision, announce it to Ob-L and get a reaction back by return courier. And imagine the time, careful language, and humility required when the Head Seer and the Executive committees disagree.

Cash management would be a second issue … there was rent, entertainment, newspapers, and food and water for children, assistants, and nine women plus awesome sums to grease cooperative Pakistanis. And Ob-L may have died wearing the equivalent of only $500 in order to keep him at home.

A dead Ob-L sooner or later becomes more valuable than a living Ob-L – a martyr costs less and rallies more soldiers and children to carry peace, love, and bombs. Further, Al Zwahiri gets a promotion, a simpler table of organization unfolds, there will probably be more money to spend on spies and bombs, and more people to negotiate with or betray Hillary. Posters and memorabilia can be sold, new faces appear on T-shirts, and the war moves onward. Finally, this story give us an explanation for why Obama could be so protective of Muslims last week yet order this week verifiable outcomes from lethal force against their most prominent leader.

For the moment, Barack, George, and the NYT are happy, the second tier of management is happy on both sides, and so are lots of us who chanted in New York and Washington. Heck, some guys even sold flags and T-shirts!

We should eventually learn that someone within al-Qaeda was ordered to drop a dime and call Obama. Furthermore, the Pakistanis were just as apt as al-Q #2 to betray Obama in order to hike whatever bribes they collected. Washington does it, New York landlords do it. Chinese, black, and white thugs do it…once your victim is broke, get another victim… Caesar did it and Jesus was neither the first nor the last impoverished reformer to be crucified.

A bit of gloom – a CIA manager remarked that staff can work freely in the time between one president’s leaving and the replacement’s settling in. A clever investigative reporter will probably find that significant breakthroughs happened between late-Bush and early-Obama and write some books …

Unfortunately, now that the act is done, twenty-four of our best friends must remain hidden because we in American cannot protect them…and Peter Minuit’s descendants in the Hague will demand to try BO and Bush for war crimes…
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