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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

[TomJ to Alex:] So, a question: if will is truly free, why are so many more men in prison than women? Are men just inherently less 'moral'? Or is prison not a good measure of morality?
Let me get this one for you Alex—

Unfortunately Tom, it seems that a higher percentage of males are jerks—some are perhaps genetically predisposed, some may have had lousy upbringing, some apparently can think only with their penises and/or have too much testosterone, some just choose to do illegal and/or bad things for whatever reasons. And the rest of us, who understand the obvious fact that we adult humans must be morally responsible, and are morally responsible, enforce our morality and will on the misbehaving individuals and punish them (except that we generally don’t punish children, animals, machines, or the truly insane); and sometimes we even execute the more egregious offenders.
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