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Default the world of palace is more open than you think

most posts here are about how chatting is chatting but i must differ palace opens up a whole world for people that gives them freedom to choose what and who they are it allows you to express yourself in a way that before seemed imposible take goreans they have not only developed there own world with laws and belifes but people actually become imersed in this i belive can be a good thing, every palace no matter how wierd was created for the soul purpose of building a new world for people, the theory of sub and dom charictors allows people to express themselfs and how they subconsiously think this can release a lot of pent up emotions that if left could build and build and cause great harm take me i am a palace defender a white hat hacker who protects amazonia from malisious people and scripts and although i dont take part in the role play i see how just being there can help someone, when people first enter they think it's all about cyber sex but its not, its about the relationship between people the subs or girls of amazonia will sit for hours not saying anything just listening to there Mistress's talk and although they are not interacting they keep comeing back, why is this? because they need to they enjoy the fact that they belong to someone and that that person has compleate control over them and for people who live there lifes in control of everything this can be a great release that helps them in day to day life ... i would really like to hear peoples views on what i think ether post here or send me an e-mail
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