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Default Anti art therapy

I thought maybe this would be a good place to post this. I got an email about a rehabilitation center in NY where they are prommoting "non-art therapy" Someone did a documentary on this site where artists work with disabled individuals and determined it is much better than art therapy. It is being offered to be shown on PBS nationwide.

This is what I copy and pasted from their website yesterday...
“From the beginning the Art Studio at Northeast Center for Special Care is a part of a larger mission of rehabilitation, recovery and community reentry of individuals with brain injury and other disorders – to recognize the dignity and value of each individual. That is why the program is under the supervision of an artist. The program is therapeutic, but it is not art therapy. It is one of many innovative and alternative treatment modalities we employ at Northeast Center for Special Care”
Looks like it was edited a little today.

I don't have the documentary "Changing Identies" but a link to the site where the pbs film was made. It has a few demo clips but says little about art therapy, and a link to the site where they claim it is not art therapy, but theraputic art. hit documentary and sample clips.
Since art therapy is a licensed profession in NY one would think this could not be done.
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