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Default Re: Battle Against Scientific Illiteracy

Carey: The statement you put forward was, in essence, that . . . the theory of natural selection is 'half-assed'.
Do you misstate what I say on purpose or are you just offensively careless? Read what was written—the “half-ass notion” was/is the notion that evolution/natural selection is “comparable in any substantial way” to the superb theory of gravitation; and it seems that yourself now agree when you say that: “In fact, I think that comparing the two [the theory of gravitation and selection] is a pretty empty exercise altogether.”

“Superb” is Penrose’s top ranking for certain theories (e.g., Galilean Dynamics, Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory, Einstein's Relativity Theories, Quantum Theory). I think he may have indicated somewhere that “natural selection” fell short of “superb,” although, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I think he’s also indicated that he’s a believer in natural selection.
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