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Default Re: Emotions versus Reason?

> For example, unless you’re actually doing real neuroscience research, I’d not be terribly concerned about “giving away for free stuff that [you] might be able to get published (and properly acknowledged) for”.

Neuroscience research isn't the only kind of research that one can get published for. I don't want people to connect between my posting name and my RL identity thus I don't want people connecting between my RL academic work and what I post on boards. As such I don't want to spend too much time polishing arguments on boards, I'd rather polish the arguments into a paper for a publication / for my thesis.

It is up to you whether you read my posts or not...
I'm sorry you didn't like my pointing out that Platonic Realism about numbers is fairly much a discredited theory (went out with Plato's realm of forms).
If you find my posts too long then it is up to you whether you read them or not...

I'll try for shorter.
But we might just have to do some accepting of each other the way we are...

I'll respond properly to the pain / perception thing over the next couple days...
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