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Default Re: Emotions versus Reason?

Alex: Also I appreciate that I can't see your manner / tone of voice. It might be that you are joking / being tongue in cheek. I have no idea. But I'm determined not to rise to what sometimes seems to be 'baiting' in the absense of any real issue.
Yeah, well, I’m tall, handsome, humble, pretty much every woman’s dream, and I suppose I may be guilty of baiting at times, but I really do have a low tolerance for half-ass longwinded BS. I realize none of us are rocket scientists, and I can appreciate your own time limitations, but it seems to me that if we have any respect at all for each other’s time and efforts, then we have at least some responsibility to be intellectually honest, rigorous, consistent, and somewhat concise.

As I’ve noted b/f, verbosity typically seems to be inversely proportional to actual understanding and knowledge, and also is often indicative of the author’s self-importance and/or disrespect for his/her audience; and back when we were discussing the objective truth/math thing, I conclude that that was more or less you. But your recent ramblings suggest that you do have some actual interest and appreciation for the whole emotions/consciousness thing and related issues—so do yourself and me a favor (and Tom too, if you care about his POV, since I think he’s also bitched about your rambling . . . although MM probably prefers your rambling b/c it more or less enables her own circular ramblings), and at least attempt to reduce the unruly verbosity, pretty please.
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