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Default Re: Pinker's Slate & WWJD?

MM: I realize you must have a had a troubled childhood but using educated prose to insult people is not the best way to get back at those who picked on you so many years ago.

TomJ: I hope you'll consider staying on this site regardless of Fred's problems.
Tom & Margaret, you both might consider asking JimB if there’s any truth in your speculations here regarding my “troubled childhood” and/or alleged “problems,” since you both seem to find some sort of comfort in making them, having made similar charges multiple times now. And consider this: If your assertions in fact have any truth in them, then making such unnecessary and hurtful comments only reveal your own pettiness and cruelty; OTH, if your assertions are bogus, which, alas, they are, then they simply reveal your own pettiness and childishness—either way, it puts you in a bad light.

I’d suggest that, in the future, whenever you feel that you’ve been unfairly attacked, and feel a need to counterattack, ask yourself this question: “WWJD?”—i.e., “What would JimB do?”

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