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Default Re: Pinker's Blank Slate

Originally Posted by Margaret McGhee
The phrase complexity of neural development says to me that Pinker believes that questions about cultural and genetic influences on neural development are complex and not well understood at this time
My 'hearing what I want to hear' says that "complexity of neural development" is more about neural development itself being complex, without saying whether there are any genetic or cultural effects, much less their respective influences. In other words, I think you might be reading a bit more into the statement than the words convey to me.

And I don't think anyone here argues with your statement in an earlier post:
Originally Posted by Margaret McGhee
There are probably some small differences in the sizes of those boxes between genders and racial sub-groups.
except for the subjective term "small".

Maybe IQ differences are 'small', maybe they're not. I don't know. But, if there ARE differences the question that might get a lot of argument here becomes what should we do about it? We're dealing with people's children here and if anyone thought that aggression over personal opinions brought up emotions and irrationality, that's nothing next to having someone's children being short-changed, which is what much of evolutionary psychology is about. I don't think we can answer that question here.
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