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Originally Posted by Fred H.
Or did Todd convince you that we do have some sort of free will? Although such a view is incompatible with Todd’s purported atheism . . . but that’s b/c Todd is actually agnostic or possibly a closet theist/deist, which explains why he’s such a nice guy.
No, he didn't. And thanks, again, for implying that I'm a terrible person because I'm not a closet theist/deist.

He offered a lot of words, none of which seemed to me to offer a non-supernatural mechanism to support his views. He mentioned discussions with a friend for many months and he was still of this view. I didn't see much hope without quitting my day job. And I used to not want to disillusion people out of the protective shells that made them so comfortable. But now I see how truly dangerous those illusions are...

I understand the allure of free will, and the expectation of hopelessness with its loss. I see a lot of people walking around denying that their arms are paralyzed because their brains can not allow them to question their firmly-held beliefs. But, it's not hopeless, and not scary in the least. We HAVE gotten this far and maybe we ARE the first in the universe. I'd hate to lose it all to people fighting over their equally-imaginary religions.
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