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Originally Posted by Fred H.
I guess I was expecting a little more rigor and honesty here. If that’s all there is, then your DNA “morality” is really not “morality,” it’s simply genes/algorithms, and the resulting behavior we might see, say, in a wolf pack; the result of random mutations and natural selection; and it merely has to do with the fitness of creatures that are little more than automatons.
So now you're calling me a stupid liar? I'd expect a bit more 'morality' out of you.

But, you see my point of view, we are but automatons. But ones with the power to communicate, learn, hope, dream, and improve our species as no other. IF we accepted that we are all there is, we MIGHT stop killing because of a cartoon or two and MIGHT be able to live in a peace that would allow us to guard better against evolution saying 'Next'. We might even stop calling each other stupid liars.

We would at least have an outpost on the moon that might protect our progress in the event of a nuclear war. We might have an outpost on Mars that might protect our progress in the event of a really large asteroid. But you are too busy insulting people, maybe in the hopes of saving them to the grace of god where wars and natural disasters have no effect. Your illusions are going to be the cause of our ultimate demise. That's what really scares me.
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