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Default Re: Intelligent Design and Why Not


I have a traditional Catholic client who asserted: "It is no more rational to believe in a big bang than it is to believe in a creator."

I agreed with him and find that your point reminds me of his. if you insist on a creator, why limit His, never Her, ability in regard to the number of universes?

And the phase transition idea that works so well in physics and in cognition seems adaptable to the evolution of universes...a narrow range of conditions favor chaotic or rigid organizations. Neither of them evolve. And one key variable for pliant, exploratory organizations is the average number of interconnections between participants. About 2.5 worked for Stu Kauffman's simulations, it also appears in many power law descriptions of emergent networks that are characterized by clustering and by close connectivity, a set of relationships that resist jamming...

I dare not believe that so much can unfold from such basic stuff, but just maybe we are on the verge of understanding some very fundamental stuff...

PS: I think I love your wife....

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