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Default Re: Thanks and Introduction

Hello Steve,

Thanks for your reply and advice. I am indeed seeking options for a degree, I would like to get a Masters in Counselling Psychology (at least to start with- a Ph.D. is not out of the question). While I am exploring some options for distance learning, I also feel it would be imperative for me to spend time in learning settings where I could receive real-person, real-time feedback and guidance, something not possible by online university. What I am hoping to manage is to take the initial courses via distance learning, from a respected organization such that the credits will transfer to a brick-and-morter university where I may receive more personalized instruction and supervision.

Do you have any particular recommendations or thoughts on what I have outlined above? As I live in the Western Massachusetts area, and relocation for me would not be an option at this time, do you have any information about university programs in my area that might be of use to me in researching and making my decisions?

Again, thanks very much.

Best regards,

Dave Xanatos
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