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Default Thanks and Introduction

It is only appropriate that my first post here should be one of thanks.

Since I first discovered NLP and Ericksonian Techniques in 1989, I have read many excellent books, but have been consistently rewarded in the highest fashion by the books written or edited by Jeff Zeig and Steve Lankton (and Ernest Rossi, but as far as I know, he's not here on this board!). You have all contributed to the most astounding treasure hunt I've ever imagined, and my eyes still light up when I find a new title in the many used book stores I frequent for just such items.

Having just finished "A Teaching Seminar" and "Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy", I know that I will be referring back to these works over and over, as I do with all the other wonderful titles I have collected.

Thank you both, so much, for the time and effort, and attention to the all-important details that you put into these most excellent works. My work, and indeed my whole life, has been greatly enriched as a result, and while I am sure you must have heard similar sentiments many times before, I feel it still necessary to add my thanks to the list.

By way of further introduction, I used to work for a large financially-oriented publishing firm, made good pay, but felt much stress and no reward. I came across NLP and learned of Milton Erickson's techniques, and began studying. I am now gainfully self-employed (, and able to follow up on my passion for using NLP and hypnotic techniques in service to people- something I never had time to do working in corporate America!

I hope, some day, to be able to meet you each in person, and shake your hand, knowing that we all know that a handshake can indeed have a middle!

Thanks again & best regards,

David Julian Xanatos
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