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Arrow Here Come the Worms

Hungarian physicist Peter Csermely described the stages in network growth and collapse, stages that also occur in Bose-Einstein condensates. Bin-Laden’s death is now a handy example of a collapsing network. That is, when meteors, earthquakes, viruses, or even lead poisoning invade, large populations can cling to old habits as taught by preachers, senators, and mothers or look to different solutions often found in younger minds. If solutions are not found, the network collapses into chunks that can be scavenged by barbarians or neighboring civilizations.

In the aftermath of our bin-Laden raid:

- It is likely that parts from our new “stealth” chopper have been sent to China for analysis.

- American liberals and conservatives scrap each other for popular votes over what to do with troops that may not be necessary. The Libs will bring them home to attend rehab and collect food stamps; conservatives want them still proud, in uniform, and armed.

- There is a proposed “Ground Zero” mosque … a bad idea for us and a good one for Muslim invaders and carpet-baggers. New York City can be bought for some tax money and Mike Bloomberg can feel better in spite of his making a different religious decision when he misses synagogue.

- Computer discs come from Ob-L’s robe to our CIA for analysis. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh asked, “Did al-Qaeda contract with Carbonite for back-ups?”

- The Hague lawyers – some of them born starving in the rubble from German air raids – issue subpoenas for Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden to appear for jail.

- Airfields and barracks built by the Americans are claimed for Afghan and Iraqi troops for use by Iranian aircraft.

This might be called “supply-side” economics or, in Mike Savage’s concepts, “Trickle up poverty.” Here’s a pile and ants come to clean it up and flies to lay eggs in it.

What on earth are we next to do with the empty PSEA building in Harrisburg?

Fun references but only for geeks:
Csermely, Peter (2006) Weak Links: Stabilizers of Complex Systems from Proteins to Social Networks. NY: Springer.
Bianconi, G (2002) Quantum statistics in complex networks. ArXiv cond-mat/0206433 v2 13 Sep 2002.
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