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Default Mrs. Erickson's death

FYI to Members,
Mrs. Elizabeth Erickson died on Dec 26th at 9 pm in her home here in Phoenix. The memorial service will be at the Erickson home on Jan 6th. We are all saddened and deeply touched by her passing. During her life, she worked tirelessly to help Dr. Erickson continue his professional activities including publishing, teaching, and raising their children. She was also instrumental in many of his experimental investigations of hypnosis as well as his personal struggles and gains with pain management.
I am sorry to report her death to you and I know your prayers and good wishes will be send to the Erickson children and grand-children. Dr. Erickson and Elizabeth Erickson will long be missed and loved.

Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB
Editor - American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Director - Phoenix Institute of Ericksonian Therapy
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