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Default Need for theory in Ericksonian therapy?

Hi, I´m a psychology student in sweden who is very interested in using Ericksonian technicues in my future work.

I have read that erickson thought a theorie would make the therapiest inflexible and unable to meet the client where they are.
I strongly agree that theories can get in the way of the meeting, but I also think that theory is very necessary, at least for the beginning therapiest, to understand the clients problem and to know what needs to be changed.

So my question is: which theory of human psychopatology fits best with Ericksonian approaches? And wich is most usefull to develop the ability to understand the client and what to change in the context of Ericksonian psychotherapy?

In my school we have to choose between CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Which one would be best as a foundation for working with Ericksonian influenced therapy?

Kristoffer Pettersson
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