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Default Re: Thanks and Introduction

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the list- I am indeed adding those titles to my very extensive "to read" list (which gets reshuffled frequently as books get added to the list with greater priorities!). I have a preexisting interest in Gestalt and TA, and all forms of behavior modification.

And yes, learning -X assists to define X more precisely, this has been my experience in other learnings as well. I find it helps to define the "edges", as well as where X and -X share common substance. Hmmm... reminds me of the old "space between the bars that holds the tiger" thing!

I have an appointment in Northampton next Thursday to speak with someone from Smith College regarding their psych programs, and how best to begin. A very exciting time... I feel I have finally embarked on a path guided by my True North.

Thanks again,

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