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Default Re: Headache as symptom of anxiety

Thanks so much for the post. I definitely was leaning in that direction - as you saw from my question - but it's reassuring to hear it from you as well I myself struggle with fully grasping the paradoxical concept of working to reduce - and at the same time - accept anxiety (and it's symptoms). I don't yet have a clean and crisp way of articulating and defining this for clients, perhaps there is none... I think that in the case of this client, carfully rationed and monitored use of the pain killers would be ok. He seems to get the idea of using the strategies we've gone through as "tools" vs. "weapons". I'll see how things develop and how successful the other strategies are (relaxation, rational responding etc) are before moving towards the pain meds as an adjunct.
Thanks again so much for your time in responding!
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