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You will be happy to know that I made a few very simple applications of the principle above in last few days and got excellent results. And also that yesterday I placed an order for 'Uncommon Therapy' with a few other books. Before I get those books in my hand I am asking here two more questions.

1. Parents want their children to be obedient (and may be contradictorily assertive too). Even after reading your reply above, I am not sure that the concept of obedience is not required for parenting and re-parenting. So, what suggestion will you have for parents to have their children habit of obedience?

2. As I orient myself towards this new frame, I feel very curious about what your approach could be for a depressed client who has lost something in contrast to above situation where one is trying to achieve something. The interventions I can take for depression is based on the frame of CBT. But I cannot happily accept the concepts like 'thought catching' 'superiority of thought over feelings' etc. as I put my effort towards orienting me with Ericksonian principles.

Thank you in advance.
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