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Default Ethics of reality tv show

ABC has a new show out called "brat camp".

This show takes 9 kids ages 14 - 17 with some serious troubles and puts them in a boot camp type wilderness therapy setting.

The kids are not told before hand by their parents what type of camp they are going to.

They are dropped of by their parents, have all their personal belongings taken away from them, issued uniforms, and then blindfolded before being taken into the wilderness.

They all express their desire to not be there several times over, and at least one of them tries to refuse going, but she too is coerced and pushed until she sees no other option than to go.

During the show we the viewers are seeing deeply personal issues aired - kids breaking down and sobbing, a kid confessing the molest she was through when she was younger etc.

We are also shown clips from the kids personal 1 on 1 therapy right on tv.

In my point of view the way these kids are taken to the camp would be seen as illegal kidnapping in just a few short years. In this case they are minors and no laws are broken.

I also wonder in a very deep way about the ethics of professionals who would allow the kids they are supposed to help to be taped and aired on tv during their most vulnerable.

Finally there seem to be no emphasis on family systems in this type of therapy. THe kid is removed to the wilderness camp where the counselors are supposed to fix them. Then returned to their adoring parents.

I would love to hear your comments.

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