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Default Help for Borderline /Bipolar

Hello all,

I suffer from ocd,post traumatic disorder and some say bipolar disorder and/or borderline personailty.

My question is if any of the alternative methods of healing are effective and real.

I have been on medicine and tradtional therapy for years and frankly I want to do these things and fix myself but have no idea of the validity of these modalties or approaches to mental health, please help.

Hypnotherapy / NLP / Thoughtfield / EMDR / EFT

Motivational cds / subliminal cds

Color an sound therapies

Inner child work / rebirth / past life regression

Shamanistic soul retrieval / journeying

Meditation / Mindfullness / zen

Tai chi / chi kung / yoga / pilates

Herbs / Bach Remedies / Ayurveda / Amino acids

Spirituality / centering Prayer / chanting / relax response

lay on hands therapies= reiki, energy work etc.

body psychotherapies = craniosacral, feldenkrais, rubenfeld, alxander technique, bio energetics, etc.

Acupuncture / shiatsu / tuina

I know it's alot but through my research these keep coming up in healing from mental illness.

Please help, I dont want to waste money and due to my illness I can be naive I guess.

My mothers theory is they all have one thing in common and that is belief and it is I who can heal myself with the power of my mind, meds and psychotherapy, but I have been trying that for years...I am about to give up at this point.

How does everyone here proceed to treat someone like me?
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