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Default Figures of Interest/Writing for Gestalt!

Figures of Interest
In tracking stats for Gestalt!, up to this point from January, 2004 the following articles have been the top dozen of interest to readers:
* An overview of Gestalt therapy theory, by Maria Kirchner (
* Projection and self psychology, by Robert Feldhaus (
* Stories about knowing: A view from family therapy, by David Pocock (
* Responses to "Empirical and Hermeneutic Approaches to Phenomenological Research in Psychology, A Comparison," by Arie Cohen and Victor Daniels (
* Gestalt therapy and post-traumatic stress disorder: The potential and its (lack of) fulfillment, by Arie Cohen (
* Clinical supervision: A Gestalt-humanistic framework, by Yaro Starak (
* Perceiving you perceiving me: Self-conscious emotions and Gestalt therapy, by Philip Brownell (
* Lit Review of Gestalt therapy-related literature focused on PTSD, by Sarah Hardie (
* Enamourment in psychotherapy, by Elias F. de Almeida (
* Airline crash survivors, Vietnam veterans, and 9/11, by Carol H. Pollard, Carl Mitchell, and Victor Daniels (
* Love, admiration, or safety: A system of Gestalt diagnosis of borderline, narcissistic, and schizoid adaptations that focuses on what is figure for the client, by Elinor Greenberg (
* Prelude to contemporary Gestalt therapy, by Charlie Bowman and Philip Brownell (

We are always interested in writing that represents our global Gestalt community. This might be interviews, research projects, student papers, literature reviews, anecdotal narratives about practice, articles on theory, and news of events. Victor Daniels assists with a regular column called "The Working Corner" in which practical interventions and techniques are shared. Mae Tang assists by overseeing a regular contribution of creative writing, providing a different influence in our various fields. If you are interested in writing for Gestalt!, please contact Victor (, Mae (maetang@NU-IT.DEMON.CO.UK), or the Sr. Editor, Philip Brownell ( and talk about your ideas. We embody a far less formal process of publishing than our colleagues at such valuable hard copy publications as Gestalt Review, the British Gestalt Journal, or the International Gestalt Journal, and for new writers this can often be a good way to start getting published. What we may give up in terms of literary precision, we feel we make up for in public availability (we are entirely on-line and free), currency, creativity, risk-taking and flexibility. Although we offer the writing of established Gestalt practitioners, we are especially interested in new authors, and we believe we serve our global community by helping to encourage and support publishing at a level that promotes bridging into the more rigorous processes authors encounter in traditional journals.

I would welcome a discussion of writing for Gestalt journals here at BOL, and I would be happy to help people find a home for their writing, whether that be with Gestalt! and the online audience or whether that be with the traditional journal and book publishers.
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