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Default Re: Questions and Answers on Gestalt Therapy

Thanks Anna for your replie!
I am still confused about the whole situation and I think when I go back to school I will talk about that. It raises confusion in me, I wonder also if my reaction might have something to do with my problems of trusting people, there might be some kind of personal projection hidden under it. I am not sure if that is true or it comes out of their manipulation in wich they reflected it back to me.. Am I still angry on them or do my feelings go back to my own history? It's interesting for me to find out, because I know I have problems with trusting people anyway. But I think you are very right that I also should take my feelings towards them very seriously. The thing is, after I wrote them a letter to tell them that I was angry with them and that I think they didn't treat me right, I thought the whole issue was out of my head (and body). But now I had the first schooldays and she made statements like 'you can never do anything wrong as a gestalttherapist' I noticed that I got shakey in my body and my mind started to blur. That reaction of me gave me a lot of questions. I think you are very right that I should take that seriously.
This can also be what you refer to as dangerous, is it me having problems here, or is it them being vague and dishonest, and are my feelings of beeing manipulated right? I always have the tendencie to look at myself in the first place and I always want to grow and face myself if neccecary. This tendencie is not allways a good thing actually! Is it retroflection in this case I wonder? Or is it a good thing, and are my doubts part of a mechanisme of me trying to avoid something?
And that is so confusing to me now, because I want to be open so I can explore myself in the full extend, but I don't want to be messed around with!
I think I will tell about this the next time, and I allready payed for this year and can not efford to pay for an other school right now.. But if they are gonna be this vague, I will definately look further to an other gestalteducation for the next year!
I am very happy with your reaction, it helps me to take myself more serious! It is so nice to talk to somebody else who studies gestalt, in an other school!
O, one more thing, the school I do is existing for more then 30 years and is supposed to be a very good gestaltschool. But I recently found out that they can not join the EAGS (Europian Association for Gestalt Therapists), not because there education is bad because the standard is very good, but because of their (sometimes) lack of humanity...

I ask myself now, is it a good thing to confront them the next time with these feelings, as I think it gives me more freedom of being who I am, or is it better to keep my mouth shut, wich for me goes against what I believe in? For me, in true contact I should be able to say this and I want to get it out of my system, I just hope that it doesn't give me a lot of dishonest trouble with them. So, time will tell, I will confront them the next time.
Scary and in a way exiting.

Thanks again Anna!

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